Thursday, April 18, 2024

Snorkeling masks are turned into emergency ventilators to fight COVID-19

The lack of medical equipment such as masks, respirators, and ventilators is one of the greatest problems in the serious Coronavirus pandemic. To solve this problem, an Italian company Isinnova has come up with an alternative solution. The new idea is to transform the Decathlon diving masks into emergency ventilators, which are essential for people suffering from coronavirus.

The implementation of this project began when an Italian doctor contacted the company to stop the lack of ventilators in hospitals. Gardone Valtrompia Hospital head physician, Renato Favero, proposed that emergency breathing masks can be produced from snorkeling masks.

Isinnova, which was already producing respirator valves with a 3D printer, accepted the challenge. It contacted Decathlon, the company specialized in sports, to study the Easybreath mask deeply and to know all the details of the product. After evaluating the modification to be made, they designed the new component to guarantee the connection to the ventilator. The component, which the company called the link Charlotte valve, was then quickly printed using 3D printing.

After being successfully tested at Isinnova, the product came into the hands of Renato Favero, who tested it on an ICU patient who needed a ventilator. The patient recovered, and the Charlotte mask proved to be a possible worldwide solution in the treatment of Covid-19.

Despite its success, it still takes a few steps for the mask to enter the market, mainly approval by the health authorities in Italy or, if that does not happen, the patient authorization to have the uncertified device used in their care.

The company has also decided to urgently patent the link valve (Charlotte Valve), which will remain free of charge provided that it is NOT used for commercial purposes. Also, Isinnova has made the Charlotte Valve 3D printable file available for download.

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