Tuesday, April 16, 2024

A wearable keyboard to control any Bluetooth-connected device with gesture

Do you ever want to control your PC or your mobile with gestures or fingers only just like they do in the Minority Report movies? Tap Strap 2 is a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse that allows you to do it and make you feel like you are in a sci-fi movie.

In 2016, the company launched the original model, which initially only had keyboard functions, and since then it has been perfecting its technology to offer better features. The second-generation model, Tap Strap 2 stands out for also offering mouse functions, having new gesture control and features.

The new version Tap Strap 2 offers a new navigation experience and embeds a Bluetooth-connected mouse. It comes with the AirMouse feature, which allows the user to control devices such as iPads and smart TVs using hand gestures with its plug-and-play AirMouse functionality.

The Tap Strap 2 has model has all-finger mounts that can track their mutual movement.
The Tap Strap 2 has a model that has all-finger mounts that can track their mutual movement. Credit: Tap

Visually, Tap Strap 2 is still the same as the previous model with all-finger mounts that can track their mutual movement. The gadget used to function as a mouse, but now it looks like a universal control panel. For instance, it can be used during presentations, control a smart TV, and even in virtual reality.

The wearable keyboard has three modes of operation. In the first, it performs the function of a regular mouse-like controlling a cursor, clicking, and scrolling. The second there is a Multimedia Mode, which is used to control multimedia (play and pause music) with gesture control. And the third to navigate through the menu of various specific devices, such as smart TVs or consoles using the Smart TV mode.

It should be noted the deep integration of new items with devices of the “apple” family, which opens up access to new unusual options. For example, using Tap Strap 2, you can switch applications on the fly and instantly go to your home screen.

The typing function has been optimized as compared to the original model. Since there is no projection of a virtual keyboard, the user will have to master the combination of gestures for entering data. According to the start-up, the training takes from one and a half hours to a week.

Moreover, the wearable keyboard works with any Bluetooth-enabled device and is available immediately for $199 on Amazon.com or TapWithUs.com. You don’t even need a pocket to carry this device, the gadget is easily transported directly to your hand and is always ready to go.