Remote-controlled robots stack shelves in Japanese convenience stores

The remote control robot allows one person to work in multiple branches at the same time.

Toyota uses VR to train robots as home care assistants

Toyota Research Institute (TRI) intends to use virtual reality in assistant robot training, which will assist people in household activities.

Talespin’s Virtual Humans can help teach soft skills in the workplace

Training employees how to perform specific tasks is not that difficult, but building their soft skills - like interacting with management, fellow employees and...

Facebook built a prototype wrist-worn haptic VR/AR device called ‘Tasbi’

'Virtual Reality,' an immersive world that allows us to live lives we have never thought possible. The handheld controllers have been the primary tool...

Lightweight VR glove enables you to feel and grab virtual objects

To directly experience and feel the virtual reality (VR), various technologies have been developed that connect VR and the real world. Head-mounted displays and...

Feelreal: Add a sense of smell into your VR world

VR has allowed us to step into amazing, awesome, and utterly unique worlds. And VR headset has brought us a new way to experience...

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