Tuesday, May 28, 2024

TROPO: The most reliable and portable Air Pump

What do you expect from a small air pump? It should be lightweight, affordable, extremely compact, and portable, and also have long battery life… Right?

Well, that’s exactly what the TROPO does! TROPO is the latest air pump designed and made by Flextailgear. It is a portable air pump that can be used to blow up pool inflatables, beach balls, air mattresses, and more. Besides, it can be used to deflate items such as vacuum storage bags.

Let’s discuss it in details!

The most exceptional feature of the TROPO Pump is its extremely compact size. It is about the size of a can of coke and is near as light as two eggs.

TROPO - The most reliable and affordable air pump
TROPO – The most reliable and affordable air pump

TROPO is operated by 4xAAA batteries which make the TROPO Pump extremely portable and can easily be carried in a bag. And that also makes it a perfect companion for the beach or the pool where you’ll most likely have some kind of inflatable you’ll want to blow up. This saves your valuable time and energy by blowing it up with your mouth.

TROPO: Extremely portable
TROPO: Extremely portable

Moreover, if we talk about its design, It comes in a colorful rectangle-sized shape. The TROPO is ergonomically designed with two air holes and an on/off switch on its side. One air pulls air in while the other blows air out. You would switch attachment positions based on if you need to inflate or deflate.

TROPO Specifications
TROPO Specifications

Additionally, the fan inside is very powerful and a bit loud. It will also help you to blow air to make a fire faster and easier.

You can easily get the replaceable batteries that are needed for TROPO from any supermarket or store everywhere. With just 4AA batteries, it allows you to fill up 12 swimming rings, 8 single air mattresses, and 3 inflatable beds.

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How to use it?

Simple, just attach it to the inflatable, switch on the button and let TROPO do its thing. It fills the pool toys fairly quickly.

In addition, if you are having trouble trying every way to create storage space for winter clothing, no need to worry! If TROPO is there, not to fear. It will take out all the air in your travel bag and create more space.

It can also be used as a portable fan in summer.

TROPO with different nozzles
TROPO with different nozzles

Furthermore, it comes with different nozzles so you can blow air comfortably into several things.

Now, you no longer need to blow up the inflatable manually. Its small size and portability make it very convenient over conventional outlet powered pumps and being able to use this outdoors gives it a big advantage.