Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Trijicon Ventus, a portable device with wind mapping and range detection

Trijicon, Inc. recently announced a Ventus, the world’s first handheld device with advanced wind mapping and range detection. The device allows you to measure three-dimensional wind velocities (speed and its type/direction remotely) at multiple distances up to 500 yards (457 m) and real-world range targets up to 5000 yards (4570 m).

Using the WindPro technology, the rangefinder allows you to get more data than ever, which is especially true for accurate long-range shots. The device allows you to measure headwind, tailwind, crosswind, and its rise upward using the built-in Doppler LIDAR at six different distances in any weather conditions.

Ventus can measure three-dimensional wind velocities at multiple distances up to 500 yards.
Ventus can measure three-dimensional wind velocities at multiple distances up to 500 yards.

The Doppler LiDAR uses a laser with a wavelength safe the eyes (1.5 microns), which detects the movement of aerosols, such as fine dust and other particles in the air, and measures the direction and speed of the wind based on this movement.

The device has a rugged case and scratch-resistant lenses. 9x optical magnification and diopter adjustment help in target detection over long distances. Simple, intuitive controls provide ease of use and menu navigation.

Trijicon Ventus is powered by two rechargeable 18650 lithium batteries. Trijicon plans to offer two versions of the new technology – Ventus and Ventus X. Both models take into account wind characteristics and determine the distance to the target. Ventus X adds to these functions a modern ballistic solver, which has a set of built-in sensors that record all necessary data – range, wind, atmospheric temperature, stratospheric pressure, and incline angle – to provide improved first-round-hit probability to hunters and shooter.

The Ventus X also communicates via Bluetooth to the advanced Trijicon Ballistic application, available for both iOS and Android. The application saves geographic data (location of the arrow and targets), provides ballistic solutions, and displays a wind map.

Trijicon Ventus is expected to hit the market in the second half of 2020, according to the company’s website. Prices for both the models have not yet been announced.