Volvo to use Luminar’s LiDAR technology for safe self-driving

It paves the way for future active safety developments in Volvo’s self-driving technology.

Waymo unveils the fifth-generation Waymo Driver for self-driving car

The World's Most Experienced Driver that powers vehicles to safely get people and things where they’re going.

Trijicon Ventus, a portable device with wind mapping and range detection

Ventus can measure three-dimensional wind velocities at multiple distances up to 500 yards.

Bosch is making long-range LiDAR sensor for self-driving cars

Bosch’s long-range lidar sensor will be first solution suitable for automotive use.

Intel RealSense L515, the world’s smallest hi-res LiDAR depth camera

The LiDAR Camera stands out for its unparalleled depth quality, low power consumption, small size and low price.

ASTRALiTe edge, first small-scale LiDAR for underwater exploration

World’s first small-scale topographic and bathymetric scanning LiDAR that can detect small underwater objects, measure shallow water depth, and more.

Luminar’s cheap LiDAR system could be boost for self-driving vehicles

LiDAR (laser pulse-based radar) uses a laser pulse to create a 3D-map of its environment. It is an essential component of a self-driving vehicle,...

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