The transformer-inspired robots made from motorbike scraps

‘Transformers’ is a popular movie series in many countries around the world. The image of a series of unprecedented superheroes, from super cool cars to powerful giant robots, has fascinated countless generations of viewers. We often see a lot of products inspired by this blockbuster series, from toys, clothes to accessories, or even real-size models.

Following the same inspiration, a group of Vietnamese programmers and students have recently launched a Transformer robot model made entirely from recycled motorbike parts. Interestingly, it can speak in Vietnamese while swinging around in a workshop in Hanoi.

Robot One
Robot One

The robot, called “Robot One,” is made from parts of Japanese Honda motorcycles and Taiwan SYM. It is known that this robot is three-meter (10-foot) high, weighs around 100-kilogram (220-pound), and is controlled by the PlayStation joystick controller. This huge robot can perform simple movements, as well as speak basic phrases.

The Robot Bank team behind the Robot One explained that it took about six months to collect the necessary parts and assemble them to match the designs in the movie.

The robot is three-metre high and weighs around 100-kilogram
The robot is three-meter high and weighs around 100-kilogram

They say Hanoi is one of the cities with a very large number of motorbike users, and about 6 million vehicles on the road every day. Therefore, the waste from old and broken motorbikes is definitely a problem. They want to create a robot from waste components and spare parts to raise awareness about the risks and disasters of motorbike overload in the city.

Our team made this robot in order to send a message to everybody—let’s protect the environment,” said newly-graduated engineer Do Danh Phong, a member of the informal Robot Bank group.

They also claimed that the Transformer robot is just the beginning of many future projects, including dreams of creating robot parks.


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