Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Tamiya to release full-size version of popular retro RC car

The Tamiya Wild One (58050) was initially released in 1985 and was a very popular 1:10 scale radio-controlled (RC) car.

This Tamiya’s RC car will return to the market, not a toy RC car. In collaboration with The Little Company and Tamiya, they will bring out the Tamiya Wild One MAX Launch Edition in the coming months. It will be a full-scale working vehicle version of a Tamiya Wild One, and it will be limited to just 100 units.

This car will be environmentally friendly as eight removable batteries electrically power it with a total capacity of 14.4 kWh. This retro car will be a rear-wheel-drive system with a maximum speed of 60mph (96.5 km/h). This car weighs only 500kg, which will help increase the vehicle’s range. Tamiya’s retro car is full-sized, 3.6 meters long (141 inches) and 1.9 meters wide (74.8 inches), where two passengers can enjoy sand hopping and off-roading effortlessly.

Off-roading with this vehicle will be very convenient, with a 270mm ground clearance. This car will run on 14 inches Maxxis off-road tires at the front and rear with Brembo disc brakes all around and its double-wishbone front suspension and Bilstein dampers coupled with Eibach springs.

Tamiya Wild One MAX’s interior will integrate many features, such as Cobra bucket seats with 4-point harnesses and an IP-rated 5 inches digital screen with marine specification switches.

The company will start the delivery of Tamiya Wild One MAX’s retro car in early 2024, and you can pre-order this car with the refundable price of £ 100 ($124).

Tamiya’s retro car will be registered under L7e quadricycle regulations to make it road legal in the UK and EU.

This car will attract many car enthusiasts as it is a retro-looking full-size version of an RC car from 1985 with such off-road capabilities and an eco-friendly powertrain.