solar panel

Scientists created record high-performance organic solar modules

The scientists designed an OPV module with an efficiency of 12.6 percent over an area of 26 square cm.

Motosola solar charging canopy for electric vehicles

The solar canopies with a thinly coated high-efficiency array of solar cells to charge the battery of the EV while riding or parking.

Massive water-battery helps cut University’s electricity consumption by 40%

The ‘water battery’, featuring 6,000 solar panels and a thermal energy storage tank, cuts grid energy use at the Sunshine Coast campus by 40 percent.

New electric crossover called Fisker Ocean with full-length solar roof

The full-length solar roof will help boost the vehicle's range, and Fisker believes it will provide up to 1,000 extra clean miles a year.

Tesla launched a cheaper and easy to install generation of Solar Roof

The new solar roof offers higher power density and lower cost while being easier to manufacture and install.

The world’s first ever railway line powered directly by a solar farm

While trains are more energy-efficient than automobiles, they do have their own effects on the environment. They produce nitrogen dioxide, CO2 and some other...

Hyundai unveiled its first car with a solar roof charging system

Hyundai Motor, a South Korean multinational automotive company, is launching its first-ever car with the solar roof charging system. Its solar roof charging system...

NASA funds demonstration of 3D-Print spacecraft parts in low-Earth orbit

Space travel has never been cheap, the space exploration missions and rocket launches are very expensive. Assembling spaceships themselves take up not just time...

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