Saturday, May 25, 2024

Solarstone announces a new BIPV production facility

Estonian solar roofs company Solarstone has set up a new Building-Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) production facility with an annual output reaching 60 MW in Viljandi, Estonia.

The new facility has the capacity to assemble 13,000 integrated solar panels monthly. It supplies 6,000 households with 10 kW of solar roof installations every year, enough to power an average home. The company has claimed that it is the largest of its kind in Europe by production capacity.

Silver Aednik, CEO of Solarstone, said in a statement, “This isn’t just the opening of a factory; it’s a huge leap towards making energy-producing homes and the prosumer era a reality. Ramping up the production capacity will help us drive the industry transformation globally.”

Solarstone aims to change the roofing landscape by providing the re-roofing and new-build segments. By integrating advanced precision machining, Solarstone can now easily match the specifications recognized for high-quality standards by all top-tier (Tier 1) solar panel manufacturers. This advancement guarantees that each product meets the company’s strict criteria.

This improvement in manufacturing technology allows for detailed crafting and customization, creating superior BIPV panels that meet various design specifications and performance requirements.

Solarstone is a pioneer in the building-integrated solar industry, reproducing Tier 1 solar panels through an innovative and environmentally friendly approach. The solutions provided by Solarstone are eco-friendly and characterized by high performance and durability.

Additionally, Solarstone has introduced a custom-made, A+ rated test station. This station ensures that each solar panel aligns with industry standards. Solarstone can perform all common industry tests with high accuracy with this new station.

Head of Manufacturing, Toomas Kresla, delved into the company’s distinctive approach, declaring, “We offer a 2-in-1 solution that is markedly more eco-friendly. Traditional methods construct the solar roof twice: initially creating a ‘base roof’ and adding a ‘panel top layer.’ But our innovative methodology is not just a revolutionary stride in sustainable building. It also underscores our dedication to eco-friendly solutions. And we achieve this without sacrificing functionality or aesthetics.”

The company seamlessly integrates these panels into building materials, offering the dual benefit of robust protection with efficient energy generation. It represents a transformation from traditional roofing materials to a more sustainable and innovative alternative.

Integrating solar panels directly into building materials eliminates the need for additional structures and installations, reducing material waste and energy consumption.

Sunly’s initial backing and a subsequent investment in Biofuel OÜ made possible the opening of Solarstone facility.