solar panel

Foldable solar cell can be bent perfectly more than 10,000 times without breaking

The resulting solar cell exhibits a power conversion efficiency of 15.2% and almost 80% transparency.

EasyMile and Sono Motors partner for self-driving solar-powered shuttle

This could really make a difference to the still weak spread of charging stations for electric vehicles.

Solar panels created from crop waste produce energy even if the sun isn’t shining

Engineering student turns waste into a material capable of converting UV light into electrical energy.

Worksport introduces TerraVis, a tonneau cover with integrated solar panels

A platform for versatile and cost-effective solar power integrations for pick-up trucks.

Tesla’s new solar panels are more powerful at lowered prices

New panels are 10% more efficient and about 17% cheaper.

Ubiquitous Energy tech turns any everyday glass surface into a solar cell

It allows any surface to convert ambient light into useful electricity without impacting the way it looks.

Retractable solar cover provides both protection and increased range

The cover can be easily rolled out and back again without human intervention.

Scientists created record high-performance organic solar modules

The scientists designed an OPV module with an efficiency of 12.6 percent over an area of 26 square cm.

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