Lockheed Martin

U-2 spy plane will be upgraded to support future battlespace needs

The U.S. air force has proposed a $50 million contract to upgrade the U-2 spy plane.

Lockheed Martin’s PrSM achieved a flawless performance in its second flight test

The missile performed exactly as expected and successfully engaged the target with pinpoint accuracy.

U.S. Navy F/A-18 Super Hornet flies with a new long-range stealth sensor

The passive sensor, which provides highly accurate targeting, will be delivered with Super Hornet Block III aircraft.

The assembly of NASA’s SuperSonic X-59 QueSST aircraft comes to an end

Soon, engineers will begin the final stage of assembling the NASA’s first large scale, piloted X-plane.

Lockheed Martin successfully tested PrSM tactical hypersonic missile

The Precision Strike Missile, a next-generation, long-range precision-strike missile designed for the U.S. Army’s PrSM program.

U.S. Air Force tests Lockheed Martin’s ATHENA Laser Weapon system

The system successfully engaged and shot down multiple fixed wing and rotary drones.

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