Boston Dynamics

Otto Motors puts Boston Dynamics’ Handle robot to work in its warehouse

Companies are working together to show the efficiency of robots in this type of space.

Adam Savage has a new horse for his rickshaw

Adam Savage's Spot Robot Rickshaw Carriage!

A Norwegian oil company hired Spot robo-dog for patrolling oil rig

This could allow making operations in difficult conditions safer, more efficient, and more sustainable.

The Boston Dynamics’ Spot robot is now more developer-friendly

The Spot Software Development Kit (SDK) will be publicly available to view on Github.

Massachusetts Police tested ‘Spot robot dogs’ in the real world

The Spot robot, which was officially made available to companies last month, has been testing at the MSP since April 2019.

Spot robot is ready for on-site inspection at a large construction site

Equipped with a 360° camera, Spot walks a jobsite and captures 360° images.

Meet Spot, the first robot for sale by Boston Dynamics

Boston Dynamics has finally made its Spot robotic dog available for sale, with an attractive promo video, showing all the benefits and possible functions of the robot.

Atlas robot can perform gymnastics routine without losing balance

A new video from Boston Dynamics shows its Atlas, does a handstand, rolls around and even does a few jumping twists, without losing its balance.

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