Friday, March 24, 2023

Snoppa Vmate: A high-performance 4K gimbal camera that fits in your pocket

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One of the things that lovers of recording everything that happens around them are very aware of is getting good stability in the videos they make. In many cases, this is impossible with smartphones, and you have to resort to a gimbal. If you are looking for an independent one that is very small, you might be interested in “Snoppa Vmate.”

The Vmate is basically a small external camera integrated within a 3-axis stabilizer gimbal. A palm-sized gimbal camera from a Chinese company Snoppa Technology weighs only 118 grams. The integrated lens inside allows you to take photos at 12 MP, has an aperture of f/2.0, and allows you to record videos in 4K resolution at 60 FPS (also in slow-motion at 240 FPS) in H265 format. The camera head-on Vmate can rotate by 90˚.

Snoppa Vmate features
Snoppa Vmate features

The multifunctional housing with the foldable cell phone holder enables attachment to a smartphone in order to be able to record more comfortably. The Snoppa Vmate can be operated with one hand, which can be particularly practical if you want to record a concert or selfie, for example. There are also two microphones to shoot the noises recorded in a video in full fidelity.

The lower portion of the gimbal features a USB Type-C 3.1 port, while the main body also integrates a small LCD panel. The current image is shown on a 1.22-inch display, which can even be used to change some settings.

The camera head-on Vmate can rotate by 90˚.
The camera head-on Vmate can rotate by 90˚.

The built-in battery offers an autonomy of 160 minutes, while the remote control mode is perfect for controlling some aspects of the shot (and video) directly from your smartphone. Through the Vmate app, you can transfer captured photos or videos directly to your phone. The built-in Wi-Fi can also support live broadcast.

The Vmate gimbal camera will be offered as part of the Indiegogo campaign with a 40% discount for ₹13,544 INR or $190 (basic pack) with shipping expected from February 2020. The target group is all users who would like to take videos or photos on the go.

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