Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Monkey Holder: bridge between laptop and smartphone

The multiple screens on our working desk may boost productivity. But carrying the bulky extra monitors can be hectic sometimes. Laptops and smartphones can be great tools while working. When they are combined together, they can increase productivity in a more efficient way.

We all have tried many phone holders for desktops on the market, but we are not satisfied with them. They are often a burden to carry around and sometimes you may forget to bring them or even lose them.

Now no more awkward postures, no bulky setups for digital nomads, and mobile working.

Aaron Martinez Romero and his team designed and created an extremely innovative and super portable product that will bridge the gap between laptops and phones.

Introducing “Monkey Holder” that merges your laptop with the phone. It enables you to use your phone as a monitor rather than carrying those heavy portable monitors. Attach the Monkey Holder to the back of any laptop, and you’re ready to work wherever you are!

Monkey Holder is made using high-end aluminum material and neodymium magnets. It is strong enough to attach firmly to most smartphones and tablets in the market. With a thickness of 3.5mm, it is thinner and lighter than your smartphone.

It’s very easy to use – just stick it to the laptop, place your smartphone on it and you are all set to enjoy multitasking to boost productivity. The magnet helps you to easily attach the smartphone to the laptop.

It’s lightweight, portable, convenient, and feels “invisible”. Enjoy ergonomic comfort anywhere and anytime.

Perfect for all Laptops and Monitors
Perfect for all Laptops and Monitors

No more frustrating experiences of being limited by the laptop’s single small screen. Monkey Holder can be used on laptops, monitors, and tablets. It is designed to be safe and strong for your smartphone and laptops. The only requirement is that the surface should be clean and dry.

With a width of just 123mm and length of 135mm, it weighs just 0.19lbs which is even less than 100 grams making it an ultra-light product.

Moreover, Monkey Holder is compatible with all the desktop-extending apps. You must be thinking it is specifically designed for Apple. No! It fits perfectly on other models also, especially in gaming laptops.