Monday, July 22, 2024

SEM’s Moto-Bike concept comes with 4kW two-wheel drive

The bicycle has become the reference means of transport in some cities. One of the great novelties of recent years occurred with the cheaper electric bicycles that flooded the corners of cities around the world while technology is being improved with very interesting novelties. Now, an Italian company SEM has presented us with the new model called “Moto-Bike” that features the body of a bicycle and the heart of an electric dirt bike.

This is not the first time we have been looking at such a concept; however we believe that SEM has gone one step further and has managed to merge motorization and to pedal more accurately.

The company has developed a double transmission system
The company has developed a double transmission system.

Built on the aluminum frame, the Moto-Bike has a tiny electric motor of the brand itself, located on the conventional bottom bracket, which transmits its power independently from the right side of the chassis. The 4 kW electric motor drives a Gates carbon belt and delivers 130 Nm of torque. The MotoBike has a knob throttle control that allows you to manage the desired power and a double mapping via a button control with which you can select a power of 4000W or 2000W.

It features a big 52-V, 17.5-Ah battery that is capable of storing around 910 Wh of energy – a bit higher than most e-bikes – and takes around 4.5 hours to charge. According to the manufacturer, the bike can reach a maximum speed of 60 km/h (37 mph) and achieve autonomy of about 50 km (31 miles). The simplicity of replacing the battery allows the user to carry with him any spare battery, allowing him to travel considerable distances. Besides, the e-bike features a regenerative braking system, which might help a bit, especially on big downhill sections.

You can achieve an autonomy of about 50 km (31 miles)
You can achieve an autonomy of about 50 km (31 miles)

The bike features a dual transmission system: there is a standard 11-speed mountain bike gearset driven by pedals on the right side of the bike, and on the left side, there’s a belt-drive straight back from the motor to the back wheel. This helps avoid the tendency powerful mid-drive e-bikes can have of shredding most standard bicycle components like chains and gears, at the cost of a little extra complexity.

Also, there is a compact and essential display that shows the battery charge, instantaneous engine consumption, and remaining battery charge time. Other features include hydraulic disc brakes, 200mm front and rear suspension.

The company is currently on the market with its new series: Venom.