Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Russian designer presents Mimic electric superbike concept of the future

A decade ago, the movie “Tron: Legacy” became very popular among lovers of two wheels for the spectacular futuristic motorcycles that appeared since then, become sources of inspiration in later years.

It is also the case of a prototype, called the Mimic Superbike Concept, developed by the Russian designer Roman Dolzhenko. It seems as if it was taken out of the “Tron: Legacy” movie. The superbike is definitely an electric alternative with a minimalist style that is characterized by a truly striking aesthetic.

It seems as if it was taken out of the "Tron: Legacy" movie.
It seems as if it was taken out of the “Tron: Legacy” movie. Credit: Roman Dolzhenko

Born from a sketch on a napkin and translated into rendering with 3DS Max, this futuristic electric superbike design arouses the curiosity between bike lovers.

Distinguished by design with a very clean body and rounded lines, this bike is complemented by LED lights that add perfect minimalistic details to its overall appearance. A fully digital dashboard, which is made up of a single triangular-shaped display, shows basic data such as speed and battery charge status while the headlights give a feline feeling.

The Mimic Superbike Concept Digital Dashboard.
The Mimic Superbike Concept Digital Dashboard. Credit: Roman Dolzhenko

Judging from the renderings, it seems that the bike is not able to turn. However, according to the designer, the entire front of the Mimic bike turns, but the rotation angle is very small. The fact is that both the front wheel fairing and the design of the handlebar already reveal certain difficulties in making turns while driving.

It is clear that, due to its structure, it does not look like a motorcycle practical enough to end up in a production model. In any case, it is still just a concept with some really interesting and fascinating stylistic solutions, which would possibly be adapted in the design of future electric superbike.