Saturday, February 24, 2024

Two young robot geeks developed a bomb detector robot

Two young innovators from Manipur, India – a 20-year-old Thiyam Nandalal and 15-year-old Arnold Khundongbam – together have developed a four-wheeled robot that can be used to detect bombs. The robot could help state police bomb squad detect and dispose of explosive devices in minimal time and with lower risks.

Presently in the prototype stage, the bomb detector robot can be controlled by using radio waves from a distance of one kilometer. As per the media reports, this remote-controlled robot has a metallic hand for picking up materials and equipped with two cameras (one in the front and the other on the back) to look around for the explosives.

The bomb detector robot runs by using a hydraulic pump, which was ordered from Singapore, motor, batteries. The duo has customized all the parts of the robot, including the tires. They are also planning to add sensors and metal detectors to the device in the future. For this, the duo is seeking financial help from the state government and authorities.

“Even though our idea has been materialized, we need to upgrade the machine for which we need financial assistance,” they told the media.

Nandalal is currently preparing to study engineering while Arnold is a class nine student. Nandalal has already been in the limelight for making his JON17 robot out of scraps, back in 2017, without any formal training or expertise in the field. The latter has also developed a humanoid robot in October last.