ESA presents ExoMy rover that anyone can 3D print, assemble and program

It is a mini-version of the full-size Mars explorer - Rosalind Franklin ExoMars rover.

ReadySight robot gives first responder an extra set of eyes on the ground

ReadySight is a rugged one pound, throwable, mobile video robot with unlimited range.

Autonomous mobile robot tells growers when to water crops

Researchers are creating an autonomous mobile robot to sample leaves and measure their water potential.

Robot α-WaLTR can transform its wheels into legs depending on the need

The adaptable Wheel-and-Leg Transformable Robot will be able to decide for itself which to use.

AGRO robot always lands on its four wheels when thrown

AGRO can use the reaction torque from its wheels to stabilize its orientation within 402 milliseconds.

Roller-walking robot ANYmal moves efficiently on flat and inclined terrain

The wheeled-legged robot can use its wheels to reach longer distances more efficiently.

Meet Smartipresence, an affordable cardboard telepresence robot

A designer has developed a robotic kit to make video calls in a more interesting way.

Ex-Googler’s Stretch robot could automate a range of household tasks

The remote-controlled robot is remarkable for its capability, portability, and affordability.

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