Saturday, April 1, 2023

Ring Alarm: An affordable home monitoring system

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We all want to make sure our homes stay safe from intruders and other threats. A smart security system can provide peace-of-mind and a watchful eye to your connected home.

The Ring has designed the excellent five-piece Ring Home Alarm System which is available online and in stores. At just $199, it’s one of the cheapest home security systems on the market.

What it comes with?

The Ring Alarm Security Kit includes a Base Station, Keypad, Contact Sensor, Motion Detector and Range Extender. The products are both lightweight and durable. Ring created the hub and keypad as separate devices to give homeowners more control over where to place them.

The excellent five-piece Ring Alarm system
The excellent five-piece Ring Alarm system

Everything you need is in the box. Just plug it in and start protecting your home faster than traditional alarm systems. No tools required.

RIng Alarm Base Station
RIng Alarm Base Station

The base station provides connectivity between your system, Wi-Fi, and your mobile device, while the range extender makes sure that the signal reaches all your system’s components. The keypad allows you to arm and disarms your system, as you’d expect. Finally, motion and contact sensors will warn you of movement and open doors or windows.

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Easy to use!

Simply plug in the Ring Base Station, connect your components and control it all with the keypad or from the Ring App.

Complete control with the ring App.
Complete control with the ring App.

Ring app available for both iOS and Android, send all the notifications when someone enters a room, cracks open a window or set off the siren. The app also lets you change your alarm modes with a simple tap. And if you have other Ring devices at your home like Video Doorbell, Security Camera, you can control them too via the same app.

Three options for monitoring

Once you are all set with the installation, you have three options for monitoring. You can set your system to “Disarmed” mode means that all monitoring is off, and is useful when people are coming in and out of the house frequently. “Home” mode means that all exterior and perimeter sensors are monitored, but not inside your home. “Away,” which means that all the sensors connected to the system are monitored for activity. You can easily change the modes using the keypad and the access code you set whilst installing or arm the system remotely via the app.

The Ring Base Station lets you group together Ring Alarm components and Alexa-enabled devices
The Ring Base Station lets you group together Ring Alarm components and Alexa-enabled devices

Moreover, the Ring Alarm System also works with Alexa so you can control your system with your voice. Just say “Alexa, arm Ring” when you head out.

The keypad also features two red panic buttons that will immediately trigger the alarm. When the alarm is triggered, the Ring Alarm central monitoring system calls you and asks for the verbal security code you’ve set up. If Ring doesn’t reach you, they’ll call your emergency contact and ask for the same thing.

In addition, it keeps your home safe and secure even if the power goes out with 24-Hour Backup Battery.

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