Smart Home

First real-flame candle that is lit remotely by your smartphone

Each Candle Touch can burn up to 40 hours, and can be re-lit at any time.

Dyson Lightcycle Morph, the most intelligent light with the worst price

A light with many different uses, providing the right light for the time of day.

Wi-Fi range could extend over 60 meters with a software update

Using the On-Off Protocol Noise Power Communication, researchers are able to extend the range of a Wifi of more than 60 meters.

Ring Alarm: An affordable home monitoring system

We all want to make sure our homes stay safe from intruders and other threats. A smart security system can provide peace-of-mind...

Luxya: An easily modifiable ceiling lamp

A ceiling lamp always has added an extra flair to home decor. Where there are hardly such ceiling lamps available that can be modified...

Orro: the truly intelligent lighting system for smart home

A team of Orro can see a future where your home is a place that not only welcomes you but takes care of your...

Somat smart: a smart way of doing dishes

The team of dedicated individuals intended to make daily life simpler through innovative ideas introduced the Somat Smart. It is the smartest way of...

A mouse-sized USB vaccum cleaner can clean anything at home

Get rid of inconvenience caused by traditional cleaning tools, clothing sticky hair, confetti crumbs, or pet hair everywhere? You hit the right page. Recently, a tool...

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