Monday, July 22, 2024

RAND Mana 23, an electric motorboat with space for up to 10 people

Danish boat maker RAND launches what they call “the next generation of electric motorboats.” The new model, called “Mana 23,” will raise the bar for efficiency, durability, and social spaces while the boat can handle speeds up to 12 knots.

The new Mana 23 is a completely new generation of electric and sustainable motorboats with a focus on the social experience of boating in a sustainable and affordable way. In the same way as with RAND, the philosophy in Mana 23 is a simple cockpit design and with room for up to ten passengers. The boat has a spacious deck and accessories, such as a Bimini top.

Unlike most boats in the same size class, Mana 23 is not designed for fast and sporty planning driving, but the goal is a quiet and soft feeling of gliding through the waves with minimal effort. The range is set at up to 30 nautical miles at 12 knots or 100 nautical miles at 5 knots, making it one of the most efficient electric motorboats on the market.

Mana 23 Top view
Mana 23 Top view. Credit: RAND

The motorboat is designed and constructed to require minimum maintenance by combining the Scandinavian aesthetics and user-friendly functionalists solutions and sustainable materials, such as organic balsa wood, flax fibers, and bio-resin and cork lining in the storage compartments. It is powered by Electric outboard engines and solar-cells neatly covered out-of-sight under the aft sun lounge, for increased handling and low maintenance that is preferred by outboard engine owners.

Mana 23 is around 720 cm long, 230 cm wide, and weighs around 690 kg. According to the company, the extraordinary hull design with reduced hydrodynamic drag engineered to effortlessly pierce the waves and turn with an immediate response. It is combined with the hidden outboard engines, providing thrust in the direction you are steering towards.

The Seating with its ergonomic backrests and proportions creates comfort so you can cruise for hours. It also offers the option of a midship kitchen integrated into the front of the console, instead of a twin seating. The Mana 23 is optimized for good times in the most environmentally friendly motorboat in the world.

The Mana 23 will be available at the starting price of €43,900 (about $51,900) from next year, with engine size, battery capacity, and hybrid options are adjusted to your personal needs.