Monday, December 4, 2023

Tupik bed AC keeps you and your electricity consumption cool

How much money do you generally spend on electricity during the fall and the spring months? Does this number seem to grow every summer when the weather turns warm? When summer hits, it becomes unavoidable to switch on the AC for long periods of time. And it’s quite obvious it may affect your electricity bills.

The founder of Tupik, Ravi Patel and his team tried to solve this problem. The company designed an innovative air conditioner called “Tupik” that keeps you and your electricity consumption cool.

Let’s see what is it?

The regular ACs cool the whole room that too with the weight of 1.5-tonne. And it comes with a number of costs – modifications to the civil structure of the home, high power consumption, high cost of the AC unit itself, and regular maintenance.

Tupik: Cooling Design
Tupik: Cooling Design

Tupik is a small air conditioner that cools your bed area only. This personal bed AC consumes about 400-watts of electricity, which almost equals to the use of about three bulbs.

The bed Air Conditioner weights only about 13 kilograms. When it comes to dimension, it is less than 8 inches tall, 11 inches long and 18 inches deep.

It’s not just an Air Conditioner! The 365 days of personal comfort without compromising your privacy is the beauty of what the team has engineered- Cool Summer, Warm Winter, No Mosquitoes.

A boy reading book inside the Tupik AC tent
A boy reading book inside the Tupik AC tent

Each unit of this AC comes with a tent-like structure that covers your bed, and the actual AC unit focuses on cooling only the area in which you sleep. It’s compact, light, portable, whole design makes it incredibly efficient- both in cooling and power consumption.

Moreover, the shelter material and host that is beautiful to look and easy to use. The smooth feel of tent walls and solid structure will fall you in love with Tupik.

How is it different from regular ACs?

Ravi claims that using the AC unit will reduce electricity bills to a great extent. He elaborates, “It consumes almost 60-65 percent less electricity when compared to a normal air conditioning unit.

Besides electricity bill, there are many advantages to this personal bed AC. Since the cooling area is specific, it works more efficiently. It can be self-installed and does not need a technician, also no need for any modifications to the civil structure of the home. Additionally, any 5 Ampere socket is enough for it to work and can also run on a 1KVA inverter.

Open the tent when needed
Open the tent when needed

Please note, it is advisable to use this AC unit with doors and windows open to promote air circulation.

After spending a year on research and development the team launched the product in 2017. With over 1,400 customers, Ravi claims that their air conditioner has helped save more than 2,000 MW of energy.

What comes in the box? With every Tupik’s air conditioner you ordered, you will get a remote, a tent, a structure set, a drain pipe, and an installation manual. It is priced at Rs 19,000 for a double-bed air conditioner and Rs 17,900 for a single-bed air conditioner.