Tuesday, April 16, 2024

PiArm: The Raspberry Pi based DIY Robotic Arm

We all are surrounded by several machines. They have made our lives easier and time-saving. We also know that in most of the industries, huge Robots or robotic arms are used for manufacturing. They not only save time and money but also reduce waste and produce higher-quality products with continuous precision. Robots can handle many complexes, even dangerous tasks with ease.

When we see it on television, we always wish to have such a machine. It would be so thrilling if we have the same robot that works for us. It would be like our personal assistant. But we often end up giving up on our desire, as the idea seems to be complete turn-off and expensive.

The SB Components are all set to fulfill your dream of owning a Robotic Arm. They created “PiArm”, a DIY robotic arm that actually fits into your pocket and also in your home.

PiArm: Key Features
PiArm: Key Features

PiArm is a new Raspberry Pi robotic arm equipped with 6-axis digital servo motors and 360 degrees of rotation freedom. It can be a great platform for those who are interested in learning more about robotics and programming.

Let’s take a look at its features:

The PiARm is a fast, powerful and precise full-metal, light-weight robotic arm. It comes compatible with all the Raspberry Pi variants that you know, makes it even handier. It is an open source software and hardware.

PiArm lets you learn robotics and programming by interfacing with the Raspberry Pi board. The DIY Arm uses Raspberry Pi as the brain. This allows it to connect with the internet and the Bluetooth making it even more powerful and remotely controlling the robot.

The servo motors of the PiArm are designed with the LED glow indicators to detect the health of the motors.

PiArm: Servo Shield Module
PiArm: Servo Shield Module

The servo shield is the module acting as a source of power to both PiArm and the Raspberry Pi. It allows two-way communication with the Raspberry Pi Board, using the USB or through the GPIO. The PiArm shield allows you to connect multiple accessories like the ultrasonic sensor or the IR sensors.

PiArm: Connect Multiple Accessories
PiArm: Connect Multiple Accessories

Moreover, It gives you two option to connect the shield – through USB or GPIO. It has the power to provide a single power source to the Raspberry Pi and the PiArm.

How about controlling?

The controlling of this Arm is tremendously easy! With multiple controlling options, you can monitor the servos and play in many ways.

Completely open source software
Completely open source software

Its software is completely developed on Python that enables you to configure and control the motors movement and actions. You can effortlessly control the PiArm through a laptop, using Joystick, touchscreen or your smartphone.

Who can use it? Being versatile, anyone can use it. This DIY robotic arm is easy to construct and program that everyone and anyone can operate from children, makers to professionals. Doesn’t matter, whether you know programming or not.

Additionally, it comes with an easy to use software and user-friendly GUI (Graphical User Interface ). It is made as simple as possible to help you achieve your multiple daily tasks with ease.

Technical Specifications:

Tech Specs

Furthermore, the most interesting part is it can help you effortlessly in various applications. Having 6-axis, PiArm can pick and place, detect objects, sense motions or anything in its area. And that too with any given orientation, manageable with programming or without programming (using the inbuilt libraries).

You can make the robot help you write or draw anything you want. The robotic arm can also entertain you, as it dances on the beats of the built-in speakers.