Thursday, April 18, 2024

The Ocean Bottle: Key to Kick Out Plastic Bottles from Ocean

Plastic pollution is one of the major global issues. Pollution is increasing because of various plastic products like plastic bottles, the use and throwing of plastic products, and many more. Plastic pollution is affecting our environment and oceans. 80% of the plastic in the ocean originates from land products, especially from the regions that do not have well-recycling facilities.

If this continues, after a few decades, it is quite possible that we will find more plastic than fish in the ocean. So, stopping this increasing plastic pollution in the ocean and everywhere is very important. Recycling it is the perfect solution to get rid of it.

The inventors from The Ocean Bottle company teamed with The Plastic Bank and came up with an innovative way to recycle these plastic bottles. They decided to collect these undesirable plastic bottles and recycle it to create a new useful product called- “The Ocean Bottle”.

In collaboration with the Award-winning Norwegian design agency K8, the inventors have designed this ocean bottle and tried to make it the last reusable bottle that you will ever need to buy. This bottle is created in such a way that it looks beautiful and very functional. It is designed according to your convenience without any compromises. It is made up of insulated stainless steel and BPA-free materials.

The Ocean Bottle helps to fight against rising plastic pollution, as one Ocean Bottle accumulates 1000 plastic bottles.

The company is paying plastic collectors above market rates. This will also help the people living in poverty live a good life, put food on the table, educate their children, and help pay rent for their homes. In this way, an economy will be created that has plastic values.

To demonstrate the impact of one ocean bottle, inventors collected 1000 bottles from the favelas of Brazil.

Features of The Ocean Bottle
Features of The Ocean Bottle

It comes with vacuum insulation which keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks ice cold. Its cap has an anti-leak technology, allowing you to safely carry this bottle in your bags. The base of this bottle is made using recycled plastic, which helps you to settle your bottle on the table safely. Moreover, it has an easy carry loop, which lets you take it anywhere easily.

In addition to these amazing features, it comes with two openings; a small one is for drinking easily and a big one for filling it easily. You can use it every day and wherever your journey takes you. At the end of the day, when you come to wash it, you can freely wash it with any dishwasher you have. This is the only dishwasher-safe bottle in the world.

Why Ocean bottle is the best choice?

Inventors compared The Ocean Bottle with more than 60 other commercial bottles for testing, and the result was stunning. Its features couldn’t find any match.

As you can see in the picture, you will get varieties in color while choosing a bottle to buy. These colors represent the ocean and its surrounding environment.

Designers have activated each bottle with an NFC smart chip, so you can contribute to the plastic collection every time you refill your bottle from the participating restaurants. Using this chip, Automatic donation will be done amid checkout.

They said, ”our next phase of the Ocean Bottle project is to forge partnerships with lunch chains, juice bars, coffee chains, water fountain companies, payment system providers, and loyalty programmers to provide for continuous ocean impact”.