Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Somat smart: a smart way of doing dishes

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The team of dedicated individuals intended to make daily life simpler through innovative ideas introduced the Somat Smart. It is the smartest way of doing dishes.

Devised with breakthrough technology, Somat Smart automatically adjusts and dispenses the right dose of customized detergent blends at exactly the right time. It uses intuitive AI to deliver top clean and shine.

To load those nasty dishes off your mind, you need to have this tool at home. You need not put extra efforts to pre-wash or add detergent for up to two months once it is added.

Somat Smart: A smarter way to wash

The Somat Smart comes with a mobile application which when connected to the dishwasher to change more than 15 modes for customized clean, set preferences, and track progress. It uses the minimum amount of detergent requires to do dishes clean and shiny.

This novel tool is compatible with any dishwasher. It tracks your dishwasher temperature and vibration profiles to customize dosing and timing.

Somat Smart: A smarter way to wash

Now, doing the dishes is easy and smart with this device. Just set it once and forget, Somat Smart will do the rest. No need to add detergent or unwrapping tablets every time. Also, it is compact in size so to leave enough room for dirty dishes.

While you setup the Somat Smart in your dishwasher connect the refill unit and dosing unit until they click. Later, place it in the lower basket of the dishwasher and run your dishwasher as normal. That’s it!


Besides, a dedicated app monitor performance tracks how many cycles are still left, and even reorder the refill when detergent runs low.

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