Wednesday, May 29, 2024

NIO launches its 100 kWh battery with 37% higher energy density

NIO has announced the launch of its 100 kWh battery pack with a cell-to-pack design, similar to what Tesla recently announced at battery day. This innovative design, in which the battery cells are integrated directly into the battery pack without the intermediate level of the modules, results in a 37% higher energy density, according to the NIO, than a battery pack of the same capacity but traditional design.

NIO currently offers three purely electric sports SUVs to its customers in China, with a choice of 70 kWh or 84 kWh batteries, the latter of which, according to NEDC, can cover a distance of 410 to 510 km (255 to 317 miles) on a single charge in cars. The 100 kWh package increases the expected range up to 615 km (382 miles).

The company states that the excellent performance of the new battery is ensured by four technological developments: better thermal runaway management thanks to the thermal propagation prevention design; the highly integrated design that streamlines the manufacturing by 40% and improves space utilization by 19.8%; the all-climate thermal management that improves the performance and extends the lifetime of the battery; and the end-cloud bi-directional communication BMS that supports smart parameter adjustments based on work conditions to improve the battery’s performance under all conditions.

The Chinese automaker’s models will be available for pre-order with the 100 kWh battery pack starting November 7, but will also allow current owners of cars with 70 kWh battery packs upgrade.

NIO has not made official for now what is the cost of this update, although it has announced that this new battery will be available through a ‘flexible subscription service’ that costs 880 RMB per month (about $133 per month) or 7,980 RMB per year (about $1,200 per year). This second option is compatible with the battery exchange system that NIO offers in China for its customers.

In addition, the company offers several benefits when renting batteries, such as the use of battery replacement stations. To date, NIO has already implemented 158 battery swap stations nationwide. Together, they have served users with over 1.18 million swaps so far. Combined with NIO’s Power Swap, Power Charger, and other power services, the 100kWh battery will make users’ journeys more comfortable.

NIO’s unique service system with vehicle-to-battery separation and battery subscription enabled by the rechargeable, replaceable and upgradeable batteries is a breakthrough innovation in both technology and business model, which has converted increasingly more premium fuel vehicles users to opt for NIO. The battery upgrade plan benefits all NIO users and further strengthens the competitiveness of NIO’s service experience.