Monday, July 22, 2024

Ninox 40, a micro-tactical drone that can be launched manually

Today, several companies in the world are developing, manufacturing, and supplying small drones, some of which can be easily carried in your pocket. One of them is the Israeli company SpearUAV that has built a pocket reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicle Ninox 40. It is located in a cylindrical capsule through which the operator can program it, assigning a flight route, or determining key points for observation.

Ninox 40 is a small quadcopter with retractable shoulders and propellers. The drone weighs only 250 grams and is lightweight enough to be incorporated into the soldier’s vest and carried on the person during combat.

The Ninox 40 features an encapsulated drone and control unit.
The Ninox 40 features an encapsulated drone and control unit. Credit: SpearUAV

This micro-tactical drone system was specifically designed for single-user operation and can be launched manually or from a standard 40 mm grenade launcher. Sitting in the barrel, it’s ready for launch in seconds. Ninox 40 comes with a tablet and two joysticks for control, which are attached to the device.

The Ninox 40 has up to 40-minutes of flight capacity, extensive ISTAR capabilities, a day and night camera for enhanced situational awareness, automatic tracking, and can be launched on the move and from undercover. The ruggedized system is built to withstand harsh battle conditions, which makes it ideal for tactical urban environments.

The Ninox 40 device is designed to perform several tasks: reconnaissance, observation, reconnaissance, and search for targets. After reconnaissance, the operator can find the drone and reuse it.