Friday, April 19, 2024

New smart contact lens with digital display and eye-tracking features

California-based Mojo Vision has announced its most advanced version of Mojo Lens, the world’s first true smart contact lens, including an array of new, industry-first features.

This advanced augmented reality lens offers disruptive features, improvements, and firsts, including the world’s smallest and densest dynamic display, low latency communication, a power system, and an eye-controlled user interface.

Over the past two years, Mojo has also been investing in various software experiences for Mojo Lens. In this new prototype, the company has built foundational operating system code and user experience components for the first time. The new software will allow for further development and testing of important use cases for consumers and partners.

Measuring less than 0.5 mm in diameter with a pixel-pitch of 1.8 microns, the 14,000 pixels per inch MicroLED display is the smallest and densest display ever created for dynamic content. The Mojo display can project bright text, rich graphics, and high-resolution video on the wearer’s retina that are visible indoors, outdoors, or even with eyes closed.

Mojo Vision has custom-designed an ASIC for Mojo Lens that incorporates a 5GHz radio and ARM Core M0 processor that transmits sensor data of the lens and streams Augmented Reality (AR) content to the MicroLED display. The radio is capable of communicating with ultra-low latency, which is a critical factor when dealing with AR applications.

The Mojo Lens features a custom-configured accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer for precise eye-tracking. Together, they can continuously track eye movements so that augmented reality images stay still as your eyes move. The smart lenses include medical-grade micro-batteries and Mojo-developed power management integrated circuits, as well as wireless charging components. The power system allows Mojo to optimize the final product for all-day wear and to run reliability and safety tests in preparation for FDA clinical trials.

Since 2019, Mojo Vision has been working with the FDA through its Breakthrough Devices Program to develop a discreet low vision aid. The next steps for their smart contact lens to become a reality will be for companies and partners to start rolling out user testing and analysis, software app prototypes, and product and system optimization.