Thursday, April 18, 2024

MCXtrema, most powerful Maserati racing beast

Italian luxury vehicle manufacturer Maserati has unveiled the MCXtrema at the Monterey Car Week 2023. It is a limited-edition super sports car made for the racetrack.

Maserati designed this car to carry the legacy of the Maserati MC12, the most powerful Maserati to date.

The MCXtrema is based on the Maserati MC20 supercar, formerly known as the Project24. This single-seater super sport non-street legal race car is very exclusive, only 62 units of the limited-edition super sports car have been produced worldwide, and all units have already been sold.

A creative and engineering partnership between Centro Stile and the Maserati engineering team created the MCXtrema. The engineering team worked tirelessly with Centro Stile to push the sporting ability of this racing car to its maximum potential.

The Maserati MCXtrema features angular styling, an aggressive aerodynamic package, minimal ride height, a completely flat underfloor, front splitter, rear wing, and shark fin, sculpted rear diffuser, perfect cooling system for the engine, gearbox, and brakes.

The MCXtrema’s futuristic interior is designed with Maserati Centro Stile that gives the car a minimal aesthetic and features the iconic birdcage, with a track-driven, functional design where control, safety, performance, and comfort are key aspects.

This vehicle’s bodywork and upgraded chassis are both made of ultra-light carbon fiber.

Maserati MCXtrema Cockpit
Maserati MCXtrema Cockpit. Credit: Maserati

The cockpit of this supercar features an adjustable racing pedal box, adjustable steering column, air conditioning system, and FIA-spec fire extinguisher system. At the same time, ergonomic pads are in the driver contact zone for maximum comfort.

A racing seat with a 6-point belt and roll cage ensures extreme safety. The steering wheel of this supercar is multifunctional. It is made entirely of carbon fiber, and the steering wheel has a 5-inch central display, buttons, a rotary selector, and an ergonomic grip.

Davide Grasso, Maserati CEO, said, “Maserati MCXtrema was created with the aim of offering an incredibly exclusive product that can set a new paradigm for our track cars. The project is dedicated to a selected clientèle who is particularly attentive to distinctive details, ranging from the most refined and innovative design to exceptional performance. MCXtrema embodies the sporting spirit typical of Maserati’s DNA, a declaration of a new pathway for our brand, devoted to superlative manufacturing and able to stand out in the world of luxury engine production with uncompromising performance”.

The supersport race car MCXtrema is 5,199 mm long and 2,045 mm wide without a rearview mirror. It weighs approximately 1,300 kg dry and has a 120-liter fuel tank.

It is powered by a 2992 cc rear-mounted twin-turbocharged V6 engine based on the MC20 Nettuno engine that provides this supercar with 740 CV (730HP) of power with a maximum torque of 730Nm at 7500 rpm. A six-speed sequential racing gearbox sends Engine power to the rear wheels.

The supercar is equipped with carbon ceramic Brembo CCMR ventilated brakes that help for sharp handling and put the MCXtrema in complete command of the driver.

Maserati has added new double-wishbone suspension geometry and kinematics and fully adjustable racing dampers, track-tuned four-way racing dampers, springs, and anti-roll bars, making it possible to master all possible track conditions.

The MCXtrema is specifically designed for the racing track, so the aerodynamics of this car is on point with an optimal aeromap at every corner, every straight, and every speed, making it an aerodynamic beast.

The Maserati MCXtrema can be fully customized to each owner’s needs, including the steering wheel position, pedal box, and controls, and safety is a crucial consideration given the six-point racing harness and full inner cage.