Lamborghini Hurácan STO, a road-legal super sports car with a racing heart

A lightweight approach and functional design combine to express pure performance.

Touring Superleggera Aero 3, a retro-styled supercar with a Ferrari engine

A two-seater high-performance machine, shaped by the wind and readily identifiable as a rare Fuori Serie.

T.50s – a lighter, more powerful version of Gordon Murray’s new supercar

A racing-focused version of the T.50 supercar that will be even lighter, faster, and more powerful.

Hyperion XP-1, a hydrogen-powered supercar with over 1,000 miles of range

It also includes solar panels that apparently change their position to track the sun.

Maserati’s all-new Nettuno engine adopts Formula 1 technology for a road car

It promises improved engine efficiency, increased performance and reduced consumption.

Le MANSORY, a striking Ford GT packed with carbon fiber and 710 hp

MANSORY has significantly retouched both the aesthetics and the technique of the Ford GT.

Concept video shows Tesla Roadster accelerating with SpaceX rocket thrusters

Elon Musk has teased the possibility of adding SpaceX thrusters to Tesla cars before.

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