Saturday, May 25, 2024

A wind turbine that produces both electricity and drinking water

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), billions of people worldwide continue to lack access to pure drinking water, sanitation, and electricity. Although the water and electricity supply has significantly increased in India, many still lack access to these facilities. Also, simple access to these services is not enough. If the water is not clean, it is not safe to drink.

Now, a young inventor has come up with a simple but innovative solution that can solve the problem of both clean water and electricity. Madhu Vajrakarur, an electrical engineering graduate from Ananthapur, Andhra Pradesh, India, has developed a wind turbine that produces electricity and water for drinking. Yes, you read it right! A wind turbine which produces clean drinking water from the moisture in the air.

The two-in-one wind turbine produces an average of 30KW power and 80-100 liters of water daily. This means it can meet the electricity demands of about 25 households.

Madhu Vajrakarur with his Wind turbine
Madhu Vajrakarur with his Wind turbine

For almost 16 years, Madhu is working on a project to produce water from wind turbines. Speaking to Inceptive Mind, Madhu says, “Since my childhood, I was unable to get access to clean water and electricity. That time, I decided to find a solution to this problem and started working on such a machine, which will produce electricity as well as clean water.” Since the condition of the house was bad, the money was raised for this project by savings.

How does the wind turbine produce water?

The 30-kW wind turbine houses and powers the whole system. A vent in the center of the fan is attached to the wind turbine, through which air is taken in. The air is then cooled with the help of the cooling compressor. In this way, the water vapor in the moist air is converted into water and sent through copper pipes down to storage tanks for filtration and purification.

The local administration has noticed Madhu’s work, which is expected to be noticed at the national level soon. “The local administration has informed the district collector about my project, and I am awaiting their response,” says Madhu.

A few days back, India’s prime minister, Mr. Narendra Modi, also mentioned such a wind turbine concept in his speech. The wind turbine, in his imagination, has come to a reality in the form of Madhu’s invention.

The technology could be especially useful in coastal areas or for small businesses. It relieves us from electricity bills and water scarcity at a low cost.

For more information, you can reach Madhu at madhuvajrakarur[at]gmail[dot]com