Scientists created record high-performance organic solar modules

The scientists designed an OPV module with an efficiency of 12.6 percent over an area of 26 square cm.

UP Government to launch blockchain-enabled solar power trading

The government has partnered with Australia’s Power Ledger to launch blockchain solar energy trading in India.

Heliogen’s new tech can replace fossil fuels in critical industrial processes

Using Artificial Intelligence, the startup has managed to reach record temperatures that exceed 1000° C.

Massive water-battery helps cut University’s electricity consumption by 40%

The ‘water battery’, featuring 6,000 solar panels and a thermal energy storage tank, cuts grid energy use at the Sunshine Coast campus by 40 percent.

New technology to generate electric power from the rotation of a tire

Tires and cars have had an important relationship ever. But what if the tires could play a more integrated role in vehicle design? It...

Geothermal cooling system for a house in hot parts of the world

As a form of thermal energy, geothermal energy is available in some regions of the earth's crust at temperature levels that range between 35...

New method turns non-recyclable plastic into electricity and fuel

Not all plastics are recyclable. In order to solve this problem, some laws are being made to get rid of this unrecyclable plastic. Apart...

New silicon chip called ‘device’ converts wasted heat into electricity

Some part of the energy that we consumed is wasted as heat, for instance, our cell phones, laptops, car engines, and even refrigerators heat...

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