Friday, April 19, 2024

Limo-Jet: The private jet transformed into a limousine for sale

At a time when we are talking about transforming thermal vehicles into electric vehicles, others will buy a private jet converted into a limousine.

Taking more than 40,000 man-hours to complete, the “Limo-Jet,” half private jet, half limousine, is a hybrid machine designed in the United States by Dan Harris. The Limo-Jet was first introduced in 2018, and now it will be offered at auction during a Mecum Auctions sale, next June.

The aluminum body with small windows pointed tip, and the rear wing is mounted on a steel chassis to better meet its new role. The aircraft is 42-foot long by 8-foot wide and weighs almost 5.5 tonnes.

The interior as large as the exterior.
The interior as large as the exterior.

As you can see from the absence of wings, the Limo-Jet does not fly, but it moves comfortably on the ground thanks to the 28″ wheels. This one-of-a-kind limousine aircraft is equipped with an original 8.1-liter Chevrolet V8 engine developing more than 400 horsepower, which seems sufficient to move this rolling monster. However, the external speakers that built-in turbines, profiles, and tail, they can emit sound from an aircraft engine, making the presence of the vehicle on the roads even more noticeable.

The interior is as large as the exterior. It’s rather luxurious. At first glance, it is not the comfort that counts but the feeling of being in a nightclub. There are plenty of screens, colorful floor lighting, ceiling and sidewalls, a powerful 17,000 watt sound system, and a special drinks area. Eighteen people could take a seat inside, where, difficult to say, we can only count 7 or 8 seats in the photos.

The driver space is isolated, faithful to an airplane cockpit, from which he has access to airplane roof controls, a special microphone to communicate with passengers, and four screens with cameras around the vehicle for easier parking and control.

The driver space is isolated, faithful to an airplane cockpit.
The driver space is isolated, faithful to an airplane cockpit.

It is clear that the Limo-Jet was designed for a party, and will definitely give a unique experience to those who use it. Just entering the cabin through the airplane door is something no other limousine can provide.

The Candy Red Limo-Jet will be auctioned at the Mecum Indy 2020 event between June 23-28, 2020. Along with the limousine, its new owner will receive a Chevrolet Silverado 2500 pickup truck with a trailer for its transportation. Although the limo jet does not have problems with traveling on roads, it has all the necessary documents and certificates.