Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Lilium gets close to achieving EASA Design Organization Approval

Lilium, a German aviation company that is developing an electrically powered aircraft, is getting close to securing its EASA design organization approval (DOA) with the completion of the fourth and final audit required for the process.

The company reported that it is in the last stages of the path to approval, with the DOA certificate likely to be issued later this year.

EASA grants DOA holders special privileges. In particular, DOA holders can have compliance documents accepted by the Agency without further verification and perform activities independently from the Agency. In collaboration with EASA, Lilium is pursuing a DOA specifically tailored for eVTOL and electric propulsion certification.

“In simple terms, a Design Organisation Approval can be thought of as a ‘licence to operate.’ An aerospace company in Europe can neither hold a Type Certificate nor undertake or approve design activity without having a DOA. Successfully completing the fourth and final DOA Audit pays tribute to the calibre of our team and the rigour of our design processes,” said Alastair McIntosh, Lilium’s Chief Technology Officer.

Lilium applied for DOA clearance back in 2017 and has since been working to develop, implement, and demonstrate the appropriate systems and resources. With the completion of the fourth EASA audit, Lilium will now enter the final phase of the DOA process – the follow-up and closure of outstanding actions and administrative steps to complete the process. The satisfactory conclusion of this phase leads to the issuance of the DOA certificate, targeted for later this year.

In parallel with the ongoing DOA process, Lilium continues to make substantial progress toward the type certification of its Lilium Jet. Lilium was awarded its EASA certification basis for the Lilium Jet in 2020. EASA’s requirements, published in 2019 after extensive industry consultation, represent the highest safety objectives globally for eVTOL aircraft. As previously announced, Lilium has submitted 100% of its proposed certification plans for the Lilium Jet, with 78% of the Means of Compliance agreed or accepted.

Last month, the FAA agreed to the G-1 certification basis, making Lilium the only eVTOL manufacturer with both an EASA and FAA certification basis for a powered lift eVTOL aircraft.