Air taxi

Joby Aviation reveals its clean, quiet five-seat eVTOL air taxi in flight

The Californian startup is the latest to go public through a reverse merger with a SPAC.

Ascendance unveils a long-range, low emissions hybrid propulsion VTOL aircraft

The aircraft with low noise signature and low operational costs would help reshape air mobility.

World’s first electric flying race car Airspeeder Mk3 ready to race

The electric vintage racing car can be operated remotely with vertical takeoff and landing.

GKN Aerospace’s Skybus eVTOL concept can carry between 30-50 passengers

This will reduce travel time and commute-driven traffic on current ground transport vehicles.

World-first Urban Air Port for drones and eVTOL to be launched in Coventry

Urban Air Port will reduce congestion, cut air pollution and help achieve a zero-carbon future.

Ferrovial and Lilium to develop a network of 10 vertiports in the U.S.

Zero-carbon vertiports to provide green, high speed, affordable services to connect communities.

Volocopter seeks FAA approval to bring its electric air taxis to U.S. cities

Volocopter's electric air taxi, the VoloCity, is designed to meet the highest aircraft safety standards.

Autonomous Flight presents Y6S Plus, a six-seater electric VTOL aircraft

The Y6S Plus is a revolutionary six-seater electric VTOL aircraft with a three-propeller design.

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