Lightr, the Earth’s smallest smart charger

Anyone who uses smart devices has to change their concept of charging. Because Lightr Smart Charger is the revolutionary concept to change your way of charging. A group of enthusiasts intended to revolutionalize the world of power banks and charging devices introduced ‘Lightr’.

Lightr is an exceptional combination of technology and comfort to make your life easier.  No longer need to entangle your device into a cable and socket. It uses universal custom made magnetic connectors for charging. In addition, it is slim, compact and comfortable to just fit in your pocket.

Hayk Gadukyan, founder and CEO of Lightr, said, “Recently, we’ve witnessed the shift of tendencies in the market of power banks.”

“The QI wireless charging system is heavily used by the market today, however, there are a large variety of devices, smartphones, tablets and notebooks that do not have an opportunity to charge through QI. That is the reason we have designed a custom magnetic connection system in order to make the Smart Charger, which is accessible to the bigger variety of devices.”


It comes with three types of connectors USB Type-C, Micro USB and Apple’s Lightning. The charger is equipped with two Li-Polymer slim 750 mAh batteries.

The material used for Lightr is made of high-quality plastic which makes the Charger shock resistant. When you have Lightr, you have your battery 100 percent full in your pocket. Means now, you do not have to suffer from low battery issues.


This revolutionary gadget devised the Bluetooth smart pairing system. Which triggers a notification when phone really needs charging. It will provide 7 hours of talk time, 4 hours of browsing, 3 hours of video and 2 hours of gaming. With this cableless gadget, there is no risk of overcharge/discharge and short circuit.

It enables you to charge almost all your electronic gadgets. For instance, iPhone, iPad, tablets, Android phones, eBooks, Macbooks, AirPods, laptops with USB Type-C, and numerous other devices.

Lightr has 5V and 1500mAh battery, which is sufficient to keep your electronic devices functioning entire day.

The designers of this device called it the world’s most powerful charger of its size. It designed with a dedicated App which can collect insights of your phone usage. Which later helps you schedule the charging.


It is even easier to connect and access. Simply, pair it with your phone through Bluetooth 4.2. Later leave it to your smart charger. It will notify you about the phone’s battery life when it is fully charged, and phone or Lightr need charging.

Lightr box includes Lightr Smart Charger, Magnetic Cable, Micro USB connector, USB Type-C Connector, and Lightning Connector.

As creators have taken care of the environment, thus they made Lightr an eco-friendly product. All the products utilized in the battery are harmless for nature and ecology. The majority of the components and materials used in the production of Lightr are recyclable and reusable

They say, “Our first generation Lightr is about 70% recyclable, and we keep working to increase that number for our future products.”

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