Monday, May 20, 2024

LetB: Take a look at time in different ways

Introducing LetB, a new letter-based clock that allows you to see the time in a very different manner. LetB stands for Letter Based Clock. A cool new product with an extremely simple design allowing it to be versatile.

The man behind the virtuoso innovation, Mechanical Engineering understudy Olek, has created two kinds of the LetB clock: basic and pro. Basic is the standard clock for Janes who need to settle on straightforwardness. Pro is for those of you into innovation, as it can be controlled through your phone.

LetB v2- Display time by text

Its simplicity makes LetB extremely versatile. There are two frame colors available for the clock that you may choose according to your needs.

LetB v2- Display time by text

Like a smart gadget, the LetB can speak for you. Yes! LetB Color can read the time for you! You can decide the way and how often it will tell you time.

LetB v2- Display time by text

You can control the device with your mobile. It is offered with RGB backlight meaning you can adjust its color the way you want any time you want with a mobile app. In addition, you can change its language too.

That’s simply WOW 😮

LetB v2- Display time by text

It features built-in battery socket for better mobility, auto brightness to change backlight accordingly to conditions around and ability to read the time!

LetB Color is for people appreciating innovative technology in simple things. It features:

  • Auto-brightness to change backlight accordingly to conditions around
  • Backlight color change – choose any you want any time or set automatic transitions
  • Ability to read the time! – get notified about time with a pleasant voice
  • Mobile app – thanks to Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity you can control it remotely with your phone to set time, change brightness, speaking options, backlight color and set an alarm.
  • Alarm – easily set a reminder.

LetB v2- Display time by text

Currently, LetB is available in 2 versions: Pro and Basic. Both versions include Real Time Clock Module for the best time accuracy and advanced electronics with an ability of a software update.

The maximum engraved area is 38×38 mm and it will be on the back of the clock. It can be anything from simple text to a photo.