Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Kawasaki’s electric Ninjas to arrive in the UK

Japan-based Kawasaki Motorcycles has announced that two of its Ninja electric bikes, including the Ninja Z e-1 and Ninja e-1, will go on sale in the UK next month.

In 2022, at the EICMA trade show in Milan, Kawasaki unveiled a range of new and prototype Kawasaki motorcycles, including dual-battery Ninja-style electric motorcycles designed to comply with the European A1 vehicle license regulations. These new electric motorcycles are part of the company’s vision of Carbon Neutrality.

Kawasaki electric bike Ninja Z e 1
Kawasaki electric bike Ninja Z e 1. Credit: Kawasaki.

The Ninja Z e-1 and Ninja e-1 will have the same dual battery motive power and a maximum capacity of 3 kWh. Also, the mid-capacity type chassis and running gear specifications provide typical Kawasaki fun-to-ride characteristics along with zero-emissions desirability.  Both bikes will join Kawasaki’s Ninja 125 and Ninja Z125 motorcycles.

The naked Sugomi style Z e-1 and sleek, fully cowled Ninja e-1 feature a 5kW efficient brushless motor with a peak power of 9kW. The duo of these EVs rely on an innovative twin, removable Li-ion battery solution with the batteries wired in parallel, which benefits from more efficient charge utilization. This twin battery configuration allows for portability that prevents bulky single-item applications.

Kawasaki electric bike Ninja e 1
Kawasaki electric bike Ninja e 1. Credit: Kawasaki.

Moreover, both bikes are clutchless and have a simple twist-and-go style. The motorcycle offers Road and Eco riding modes along with an e-boost option. The e-boost button on the right bar, under the twist grip, delivers an on-demand maximum of 9kW of power and acceleration with a potential top speed of 99 km/h (61.5 mph) over a short distance only in the permitted areas. Both bikes also feature a walk mode where these bikes can move forward and reverse for help when parking up.

The new Kawasaki electric Ninja bikes boast a TFT display on the dashboard, which can be connected to the smartphone and show the bike’s riding status, range, availability of boost function, and riding level selected (Road or Eco). Additionally, these e-bikes come with the 400cc motorcycle class ABS brakes and trellis-type chassis.

Under the seat of the bike, there’s a socket for plugging an external charger, or a charging dock can top up one removed battery at a time.

Kawasaki Ninja Z e-1 and e-1 will have a unique Metallic Bright Silver and Metallic Matte Lime Green appearance. The range and prices of these bikes have yet to be announced. However, both these electric bikes are set to arrive in the UK next month, so the prices are to be confirmed soon.