Friday, May 24, 2024

Jaunt: Electrifying the original vehicles built for adventures

There are a lot of places like Australia that have incredible natural beauty with ancient rainforests and vast deserts, rugged mountain ranges and endless beaches. And the only practical way to reach many of these places, whether they’re remote or close to home, is with a car.

So, we are always in the search of a 4WD and SUV cars for better traction and acceleration on icy highways, rocky roads, and winding paths. These cars are built for the adventures. However, they’re also one of the reasons for transport emissions that destroy the natural beauty. Besides, the old four-wheel cars are terrible, difficult to operate, very loud and also produce an irritating smell.

The only way that can help to reduce the pollution caused by these cars is to use e-vehicles instead. Electric vehicles are almost silent and have no exhaust emissions, allowing you to hear, and smell, the surroundings.

Jaunt lets you explore the real beauty of nature
Jaunt lets you explore the real beauty of nature

So, the team jaunt from Australia has found a new solution to recycle old vehicles and make them capable of reducing their impact on the environment. The team is up-cycling iconic four-wheel-drives into electric vehicles that’ll get you out into the bush using renewable energy. This up-cycled car named as “Jaunt”.

They will start their mission by first recycling the Land Rovers like Juniper. According to the team, the Land Rover is the best one to start with as these vehicles come with the aluminum body, build to carry a heavy load, affordable and their Iconic, nostalgic shape, that inspires adventure.

How this electric conversion will happen?

The team planned to exchange the internal combustion engine with an electric motor that bolts straight to the existing gearbox. Also, they will remove all the old parts that run off belts and vacuum pressure and replace them with modern components that run off battery power.

Jaunt: Electric Conversion
Jaunt: Electric Conversion

A NetGain Hyper9 AC Electric Motor will spin the original drivetrain. It puts out 100kw of power and 235Nm of torque from almost 0 rpm. Which means it feels amazing to drive, you don’t need to change gear and it has regenerative braking. Lift your foot off the accelerator and it brings you to a stop.

They used five Tesla Model S battery packs to power Juniper. They selected the battery configuration designed to fit the unique shape of the Land Rover chassis.

Moreover, the team also aims to produce an EV conversion kit that works across 40 years of Land Rovers. From motor mounts to digital displays on the dash, it needs to be easy to build and easy to use, right from your very first drive.

Additionally, the Jaunt will not try to replicate a 1960s agricultural driving experience. In fact, you will experience driving in a new improved way. The team will keep the styling and ‘feel’ of the original car but make a number of changes that take away some of the hard work.

The features like power steering, heating, auto-canceling indicators were all things missing when they were new. More than just adding comfort, installing them makes the vehicle safer and more approachable to drive.