Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Infinity-HV battery systems designed for heavy-duty applications

Canadian lithium-ion battery technology and manufacturing company Electrovaya Inc. has unveiled its Infinity-HV battery systems, expanding its Infinity product line.

The Infinity-HV battery systems are designed for heavy-duty, high-voltage applications such as buses, delivery trucks, construction trucks, hybrid fuel cell or battery systems, and stationary energy storage systems.

Electrovaya’s Infinity-HV systems will provide industry-leading safety and longevity for these applications, ultimately providing users with lower liability costs, better warranty coverage, and lower overall cost of ownership.

The new battery systems come in two variants. The first one is HV-90 which offers 35 kWh of nominal energy, and another one is HV-180 which offers 70 kWh of energy. Both variations are engineered to serve as either 400V or 800V applications, providing flexibility for a range of high-voltage vehicle setups. Systems are modular and designed to scale to relevant requirements.

Electrovaya’s Infinity-HV batteries use advanced lithium-ion ceramic and UL-approved EV Series cells. The company says the batteries will last 25 years for daily one-cycle use, making them the longest-lasting and most durable high-voltage batteries currently available.

Safety is a top priority for Electrovia, and Infinity-HV battery systems have superior designs. Infinity-HV packs offer high fire protection, ensuring enhanced safety during use, thanks to the company’s proprietary multi-level cell and battery fire propagation technology. This innovative approach instills confidence in the battery’s reliability among potential users.

The new battery system will be controlled by the company’s Fifth Generation Advanced Battery Management System (BMS), which is currently deployed in more than 4,000 Infinity products in the field.

“We are excited to launch the Infinity-HV battery products and look forward to exploring the market opportunities. The Infinity-HV batteries offer unique performance characteristics, particularly with regards to safety and cycle life, and are the ideal energy storage technology for heavy-duty applications,” said Dr. Khadija Yazda, High Voltage Systems Product Manager at Electrovaya.

Electrovaya recently installed an AI-assisted automated assembly line with advanced laser welding capabilities and sophisticated quality control methods. This AI-assisted automatic assembly line will help accelerate product customization to meet specific customer needs.

Infinity-HV products will be mass-produced at Infinity’s Jamestown, NY facility. They will be assembled in Electrovaya’s Canadian and U.S. operations. The company plans to initiate pre-production deliveries of the Infinity-HV systems at the end of this year.

Electrovaya will be exhibiting Infinity-HV products at the upcoming APTA Expo on October 9-11, 2023, in Orlando, Florida.