Monday, June 17, 2024

Hyster’s hydrogen fuel cell ReachStacker shipped to port of Valencia

American container handling solutions provider Hyster Company has developed and shipped a hydrogen fuel cell ReachStacker for testing at the Port of Valencia in Spain.

The ReachStacker is part of the H2Ports project, which aims to introduce hydrogen-powered vehicles and equipment into port operations.

The Hyster Reachstacker is an innovative zero-emission solution that uses the Nuvera E-Series Fuel Cell engines to convert hydrogen into electricity.

Nuvera E-Series fuel cell engines can meet a wide range of power needs in the port ecosystem, including mission and stationary applications with outputs ranging from 5 to 120 kW and above, and can power medium and heavy-duty vehicles.

An onboard hydrogen fuel cell charges the battery, which powers the electric motors and hydraulic system and enables the ReachStacker to lift laden containers in the same way as the diesel-powered alternative. Hydrogen is stored in high-pressure tanks on board and can be refilled within 15 minutes.

The new hydrogen fuel cell-powered ReachStacker has many advantages over traditional diesel-powered machines. It reduced carbon emission, noise pollution, and operating costs by eliminating diesel engines, transmission, and other mechanically driven components.

The Hyster ReachStacker will be tested and validated in live operation at Europe’s one of the largest container terminals, MSC Terminal in Valencia.

The Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH-JU) funded the H2Ports project and was coordinated by the Fundación Valenciaport, which includes several partners from the port community, industry, and academia.

“We are proud to be part of the H2Ports project and to contribute to the development of zero-emission solutions for port operations,” says Jan-Willem van den Brand, Director of Global Market Development Hyster. “The hydrogen fuel cell ReachStacker is a breakthrough innovation that demonstrates our commitment to sustainability and customer satisfaction. We look forward to seeing it in action at the Port of Valencia and to receiving valuable feedback from the end-users.”

“Equipped with green hydrogen infrastructure, ports will be at the epicenter of global clean energy transformation,” said Nuvera Chief Commercial Officer Kedar Murthy. “We are proud to contribute to the development of zero-emission solutions for port operations with Hyster and look forward to seeing the hydrogen fuel cell reachstacker in action at the Port of Valencia.”