Monday, July 22, 2024

Goroc TR:X e-bike with integrated Pinion Motor-Gearbox Unit

Electric bikes have taken over a significant part of the market. Many people prefer electric bikes over cycles and motorbikes as they have both advantages. It has become an excellent alternative to other modes of transport, such as cabs, metros, and buses, to travel short distances. Besides, e-bikes have an incredible environmental impact as they do not emit CO2 or other natural gases.

Many companies are making e-bikes nowadays with different types of users in mind. Moreover, many kinds of bikes are available for various purposes, such as Mountain, cargo-carrying, sport, long-range, etc.

Bern-based Flyer company has unveiled their new e-bike named Goroc TR: X. It is an Innovative adventure bike that can go to remote places and in city traffic.

Goroc TR:X has an integrated Pinion Motor-Gearbox Unit (MGU), which means the motor and gears form a single unit, and the MGU has a 12-speed electronic gearbox that can change gears automatically. Motor-gearbox unit is compactly integrated into the center of the e-bike, which is protected from weather effects.

Flyer Goroc TR:X has a frame of Carbon/Aluminium with a 4-link suspension with 130 mm travel. High-strength carbon ensures the rigidity of a perfectly matched frame.

Goroc TRX
Pinion Motor-Gearbox Unit. Credit: Flyer

Goroc TR:X is come in four variants Goroc TR:X 4.63, Goroc TR:X 8.63, Goroc TR:X 8.63 HS, and Goroc TR:X 8.63 XC.

The Goroc TR:X 4.63 variant of this bike has a 600W (85Nm) motor that gives the bike a maximum speed of 25km/h. The Goroc TR:X 8.63 HS variant has an 800W (85Nm) motor that helps this bike reach the top speed of 45km/h with ECO, FLOW, FLEX, and FLY riding options.

This e-bike variant has a wheel size of 29 inches, and the bike weighs 30 kg with a battery. Goroc TR:X has a battery of 48V (700 Wh/15 Ah), compatible with an additional 48V Range Extender.

Goroc TR:X e-bike has anti-theft protection by Abus Bordo 6500/120 battery lock with YourPlus one key system.

The bike’s pricing starts from EUR 8699.00 (9677 USD), and all the variants of this bike are available on the Flyers’ official website.