Cargo e-Bike

HASE BIKES reinvents PINO, the most versatile bike in the world

The new PINO combines tandem, parent taxi, cargo and city bike in one.

Delfast showed the updated frame design of its electric cargo tricycle

The bicycle can simplify the transportation of goods and is also able to facilitate the work of couriers.

New Delfast Top 3.0 promises 320 km range, 80 km/h speed

Meet the upgraded Delfast bestseller - Top 3.0: more power, innovations and range.

RadWagon 4, a modular e-cargo bike that carries up to 158kg

The zero-emission cargo-bike can help small businesses deliver goods and meals at home.

Delfast is developing a new e-tricycle for couriers and delivery services

The cargo platform is designed to adjust to various types of businesses.

Delfast Prime 2.0: An electric bike with a full range of 392 km

Delfast upgraded its two powerful, long range e-bikes.

RadRunner Plus, an advanced fat-tire ebike-moped hybrid

It has all those advanced features to make for a more comfortable, adaptable, and expensive experience.

Revonte ONE Drive System will soon be driving EAV cargo bikes

EAV is participating as a fourth manufacturer in the Revonte ONE Early Access program.

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