Sunday, February 25, 2024

Ex-Tesla Exec officially launches R30 electric day cruiser

Electric boats are gaining momentum in the industry and are now seen as a sustainable alternative to conventional boats. There are already enough models available on the market that can compete with diesel and gas-powered boats.

The former Global Head of Manufacturing at Tesla, John Vo, founded Blue Innovations Group (BIG) a few years ago to chart a new course for maritime recreation and how people experience the freedom of the open water. The company has now officially launched its much-anticipated flagship R30 electric boat at its manufacturing facility near Saint Petersburg, Florida, after teasing it with some renders in October.

Crafted to redefine watercraft excellence, the R30 effortlessly combines cutting-edge technology with eco-friendly design, delivering unmatched speed, agility, and efficiency on the water. This unique 30-foot electric day cruiser boasts a powerful dual motor powertrain that generates a total of 596kW or 800hp of power, with an estimated maximum speed of 39 knots (45 mph).

The R30 is powered by a 221 kWh battery pack engineered specifically for efficiency on the water that promises a runtime of up to eight hours on a single charge. Its fast-charging capabilities offer 4 hours of running time after a 40-minute charge.

What sets this recreational boat apart is its smartly designed UI, solar charging capability, and timeless styling that offer customers an unparalleled experience. The expandable solar array provides up to 2.8kW of power generation.

The R30 combines cutting-edge technology with classic design, creating a unique and attractive recreational vessel. The boat has a flexible layout that allows customers to switch between working and playing spaces. The vessel also features intuitive controls and easy navigation, making it easy to use. The R30’s silent and pollution-free propulsion system and stern ocean terrace offer an excellent opportunity for customers to easily engage with their family and friends.

“The R30 was designed from scratch. We threw out the playbook most boatbuilders follow because if you squint your eyes at a boat show, most boats look the same. The ‘R’ in R30 stands for Revolution; we decided to offer something radically different, radically better,” said Vo.

The company plans to build 10 to 15 boats next year and eventually increase that to 300 to 500 units with a mega-factory – producing one R30 every 30 minutes, mixing robotics with human labor. The R30 is open for reservations now, for $1,000 with a Blue Reservation, which provides customers with standard delivery, and $5,000 for a BIG Reservation, providing customers with access to one of the first 100 boats. The R30 will be priced at around $300,000, and the deliveries are expected to start from Q3 2024.