Saturday, June 3, 2023

Evian’s newly launched shrinking jugs promise to cut plastic waste

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Plastic bottles are not only an affliction on the environment, but they are bad for your health too.

Keeping this into mind Evian unveiled its latest innovation- Evian (Re)new- a stunning in-home water appliance which provides consumers with the unique purity of Evian natural mineral water at home. It is also claimed that this in-home water dispenser will deliver a significant reduction in plastic packaging. It gives the drinkers a way to kick out the plastic bottle habit altogether.

Evian (Re)new
Evian (Re)new

The component that stores water is designed to hold five liters of liquid, which is integral to creating the structure of the ‘bubble’. The ‘bubble’ is 100% recyclable and made from 100% recycled plastic (rPET) skin. This very thin plastic skin shrinks when the natural mineral water is consumed and takes a shape after each use. It uses 66% less plastic than a 1.5 liter Evian bottle.

Undoubtedly, Evian wants to make it as easy as possible to order more water. You will be able to order Evian at the touch of a button on the base of the appliance, which is connected to the Evian (re)new app.

Evian (Re)new App
Evian (Re)new App

In addition, the app is able to track the amount of water consumed and notify you when a refill is needed. Also, this effortless e-commerce offering provides a free, connected experience meaning you will never be without the unique purity of Evian natural mineral water.

“I’ve always been inspired by great design and how it can shape our lives, which is why I’m excited to see Evian pushing the boundaries with the design of this disruptive new product that will transform the way we drink Evian water at home”, Virgil Abloh, Evian Creative Advisor for Sustainable Innovation Design

All we can say that the Evian (re)new is a step in the right direction towards the company’s 2025 goals for becoming a circular business and making all of its own containers from recycled plastic.

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