Sunday, July 21, 2024

EV4 Gremlin, a folding ‘do-it-yourself’ mini electric scooter

Electric bikes are a lot of fun to ride. Why not double up the fun by assembling it yourself? Here we got an interesting innovation: EV4 Gremlin, a DIY folding three-wheeled mini scooter that you can assemble piece by piece by yourself. It is produced by a Poland-based company EV4, founded by a group of aeronautical engineers, that currently has six electric rides in its sales catalog.

As you can see in the images, EV4 Gremlin, which comes separately and requires a pleasant assembly process in this respect, attracts attention with its industrial structure and can be obtained with very vivid color options.

Equipped with a 350W brushless electric hub motor powered by three 12V, gel type batteries, the bike can reach the maximum speed of 25 km/h (15.5 mph), and the range of the scooter is 30 km (18.6 mph). EV4 Gremlin, measuring 120 cm long and 68 cm high, can also be powered by a Li-Ion battery pack extending its range up to 40 km (25 mph) and can easily travel in light terrain. It weighs 37 kg with gel type battery, 27 kg with Li-Ion battery, 24.5 kg without battery.

Building your own Gremlin will be a very fun and rewarding experience.
Building your own Gremlin will be a very fun and rewarding experience.

Another interesting feature is that the vehicle has a tilting system that allows the rider to tilt in corners. The company states that the electric scooter model is easy to carry in the trunk of the car since it is foldable. At the design level, it can be seen that it is a vehicle assembled by hand from a kit, with its angular lines and its high weight. But it is very eye-catching and stands out for its three-wheel design and the ability to tilt when turning.

Although they also sell them mounted, if you dare to assemble it yourself, the kit is designed to be easy and fun to assemble. The more complicated parts that are hard to assemble need riveting, welding, or gluing already come preassembled, so it’s not much more difficult than riding a LEGO motorcycle.

The advantage of buying the DIY version is that it is cheaper. EV4 Gremlin, the seventh product of the company, has a price of $1,000 as far as it is explained. The product, which looks good for entertainment purposes, is designed and manufactured in Poland.