Etcher Laser: Engrave, cut and create anything

smartDIYs developed a tool called Etcher Laser that can create anything within your means. It is the perfect tool for Etsy shop owners, designers, artists, architects, or anyone who want to create something out of their creativity.

It works on almost every material such as Leather, Wood, Fabric, paper, Denim, Delrin, cardboard, Rubber, Aluminum, foods, and more. So, now create anything useful and beautiful. Etcher Laser gives all the quality features you would have accessed through a high-priced laser and engraver.

Etcher Laser’s bottom is removable which enables to omit out your creativity and imagination on small and large objects. And no other laser houses this capability. This simply means you can engrave on objects as small as a quarter or as large as dining or benches and chair.

Some instances of large and small objects Etcher Laser can create are large custom signs, skate/snow longboards, big plates of serving trays. Also, countertops, floors, wristwatches, cookies, bracelets, etc.

Etcher Laser Working
Etcher Laser Working

While designing with Etcher no expertise required. Whether you are a beginner of laser-cutting expert you can create the most effective designs. Your amazing creation is simple with one-touch setup and easy-to-use software.

Upload any image such as raster, vector, clipart, etc, photograph and hand-drawn designs and bring them to life. With presets and templates it is easier to create amazing designs. Besides, you can immerse advance quality in your personalized gifts and everyday items.

Additionally, you can enhance your branding and with Etcher Laser personalize anything you find essential. It is accessible through mobile phones, tablet or computer.

Etcher Laser Design
Etcher Laser Design

You need not to worry about the creations after cutting since you can see the preview and ensure where your design will line up. Moreover, Etcher Laser is so accurate, precise, delicate, and safe to enable engraving on precious items. Such as phones and computers depending on device materials. Likewise, works on flat, curved, uneven surfaces, and on anything.

Let’s not just stop to bulky objects, Etcher Laser works with jewelry and accessories, clothing and shoes, party favors and cards. Also, the decor and home goods, collectibles games and electronic devices and tools.

Etcher Laser houses Lint and Particle Filter to ensure safety from potentially harmful particles expelled during cutting on engraving from some materials.

Technical Specifications of Etcher Laser

Etcher Laser Technical Specifications
Etcher Laser Technical Specifications

About additional accessory, they say, “The Etcher Laser requires exhaust ventilation. It comes equipped with a DC fan for exhaust, but odors and smoke are not removed completely. The optional Particle Filter can remove odors and smoke drastically, enabling indoor ventilation.”

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