US Army is building the most powerful laser weapon that vaporizes targets

It is expected to be about a million times stronger than any other laser weapon out there.

Researchers test advanced drone use for laser target firing

The drone use evaluates ships’ new laser weapons by successfully launching and landing one from a moving ship.

BAE Systems completes first ground-launched test of APKWS laser-guided rockets

It is the first time the APKWS rocket has been fired from a tactical ground platform.

U.S. Navy deploys the first anti-drone laser system on a warship

The laser weapon system that allows a ship to counter unmanned aerial systems.

Tesla patents a laser to clean the car windshield and solar panels

Tesla wants to replace good old fashioned windshield wipers with actual laser beams that zap away debris.

U.S. Air Force tests Lockheed Martin’s ATHENA Laser Weapon system

The system successfully engaged and shot down multiple fixed wing and rotary drones.

Nebra AnyBeam: Smallest pocket-size Laser Pico Projector

While there are a number of portable projectors coming into the market with their astonishing features, Nebra Ltd company have launched the world's smallest...

Etcher Laser: Engrave, cut and create anything

smartDIYs developed a tool called Etcher Laser that can create anything within your means. It is the perfect tool for Etsy shop owners, designers, artists,...

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