Aura: Folded flat scanner plus an attractive desk lamp

Entire our life we try to create and treasure the memories but it is difficult to collect all those pieces of papers and objects. To recreate those memories and pass to the generations, the technology enthusiasts have designed and developed a folded flat scanner.

CZUR team named it as ‘Aura’. Which will just not help you to treasure your memories easily but will reduce the thick piles of documents.

It will scan anything from books and documents to objects, in high quality and in minutes. Aura is a versatile accessory fit for creative designers, also can be utilized at home or at the workstation. It can scan your old family photo, portrait sketch, toys, and many more in high quality.

If you are an avid writer and wish to highlight and save some information or lines touched your heart, what will you do?

You may highlight those lines in your book and treasure the book. If it is for one book then it is light to carry and also can easily find that lines and read. But if you have a library aka a number of books then highlight and store a whole book is not worthy.

With Aura, just highlight information of you liked, scan the page and store it on your laptop.

Features of AURA scanner

Similarly, you can save efforts and your memories in digitize form without unbinding them. Ultra-fast scanning speed enables it to save in just two seconds per page. It can scan objects up to A3 size and also can choose formate as JPG, word, and PDF.

It also houses an amazing feature of the handy foot pedal to trigger scanning. You can read under the same lamp you will be going to utilize for scanning. The things or information that triggers your mind simply press the foot pedal to scan.

If it works as a lamp…

It contains the features of the AURA lamp.

Its versatility widens even better with its lamp. It has glare-free, non-flickering lights and four color temperature settings.

Aura is light in weight and houses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) which supports 187 languages. It devised an intelligent image processing software. Overall, it is an excellent alternative to a lamp and scanner.

Proprietary AI Algorithm and software technology ensures an effortless scanning experience. Three laser lines in Aura utilize a revolutionary AI algorithm to straighten book curves. As well, smart paging for books, auto alignment, and manual selection bring this product to highlight.


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